Other Life Forms

OTHER LIFE FORMS is an innovative avant-jazz quartet led by composer Gordon Beeferman (piano & organ), with Stephanie Griffin (viola), Pascal Niggenkemper (bass) and Andrew Drury (drums). Virtuosic, intense, and quirky, Beeferman’s compositions have a unique approach to integrating complex written charts with collective improvisation. The members of O.L.F. are among the forefront of the creative contemporary music scene, and bring a wide array of experience and sensibility to the music. This is their debut album, released November 2018 on Different Track Recordings.

“Beeferman’s musical world is a very special place that should not go unnoticed.” — Glenn Astarita, All About Jazz

“Idiosyncratic compositional strategy… thoughtful structure but with an unmistakable spirit of uncanny exploration… This is music that isn’t afraid to take its time; Beeferman prefers patient, devious statements to overt, brash ones… an imaginative set of music…more than enough to keep Beeferman on the radar when it comes to forward-thinking, creative approaches to jazz and improvised music.” — Troy Dostert, All About Jazz

“The ‘jazz’ root in Beeferman’s music is indisputable. But so are the modern classical, advanced improvisation, non-committable-to-memory atonal whatchamacallit roots. The scores may look complex on paper but, for some miracle, the acoustic outcome sounds as natural as spring water.” — Massimo Ricci, Touching Extremes