Monthly Archives: July 2017


Dafna Naphtali and Gordon Beeferman perform duet pieces for voice and piano with kinetic sound processing, fractal rhythms, and general polyphonic/kaleidophonic disturbances. Beeferman fleshes out protean fragments into strikingly visceral structures and landscapes that take the piano to its limit. Naphtali augments her high-energy live Max/MSP processing of Beeferman’s piano with extended vocal techniques/sounds/multi-modal singing and her custom take on hand and voice-activated electronics. Not just manipulation of live sound, this is a feedback loop of seamless interaction between two remarkable musicians. These pieces are improvised and were created entirely in the moment without overdubs or edits.


“An extraordinary and stunning release…extended and multidimensional..almost of orchestral and theatrical proportions to use an inadequate comparison. The music really breathes and is full of energy, not losing itself in meaningless experimentalism and stays focused and very together.” (Vital Weekly)
“live interaction between the collaborators makes for some truly groundbreaking improvisation” (Peter Thelen, Exposé)
“The well-thought-out evolution…slowly unfolds into something more like a sonic daylight.” (Chain D.L.K.)
“Naphtali & Beeferman have hit the nail on the head with this release.. a feedback loop of seamless interaction” (Sigil of Brass)
“Quirky & playful… unpredictable, yet constantly active … balances scuttling tension with slurred alien tribal-ness.” (Musique Machine)