Monthly Archives: May 2024


In a stunning twist of fate, the world has awoken to the exhilarating news that Alphawhore, the legendary trio of Gordon Beeferman, Kevin Shea and Chris Cochrane, known for sculpting debauched cultural detritus into a captivating collision of familiar sonic signifiers and dissonant cacophony, is making an unprecedented return with the release of My Vegan Cabal. With rumors circulating for months, news of Alphawhore’s enigmatic return to the studio has ricocheted through the white noise of contemporary culture, sending shockwaves across generations while sparking a frenzy of anticipation reminiscent of Beatlemania. The three Alphawhores, now seasoned with the passage of time and draped in the shadowy allure of avant-garde jazz, kosmische breakouts and new complexity music, took to the studio. Fans young and old lie in anticipation as Alphawhore transcends the boundaries of time, creating what has become a symphony of contradictions, a post-postmodern crescendo where the ghosts of Dollywood meet the disquieting buzzsaw of a honeyed digital descent. The return of Alphawhore not only marks a nostalgic homage to Tony Williams Lifetime’s shock of pre-fusion fusion, but also to Lightning Bolt’s sheets of noise. These elements underscore this trio rewriting its own history, like three coquettish beasts forever reconciled in matter, gore, and oblivion.

“they have masterfully created a marvelous cacophony full of jagged edges and disquieting interludes. Good song titles, too.” Steve Peters,