composer & pianist


The Greek Gaze
a ‘mini-opera’
Libretto by Gordon Beeferman with Melanie Kenny
Music by Gordon Beeferman

The Greek Gaze was inspired by the queer zine Outpunk as well as life on the University of Michigan campus. The dialogue was taken entirely from actual “found” conversations of students, and then fashioned into a libretto, with only very minor alterations.

The Greek Gaze was first performed at the Media Union at the University of Michigan on March 27, 1998 by the new music-theater group CATERWAUL, under the direction of Amy Kullenberg. The cast was as follows:

Girl 1: Anna Gleichauf
Girl 2: Kimberly Wagner
Girl 3: Jennifer Goltz
Boyfriend: Luke Klipp
Man: Francesco Accolla

The Greek Gaze

The orchestra was Eric Roth, drums; Jonathan Pieslak, bass;
and Jeff Enderton, guitar.
A copy of the libretto can be made available upon request to the composer.

© 2001 Gordon Beeferman. All rights reserved.