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“Sesame Street” Variations

A while back I was struck by the idea of writing piano variations on themes from “Sesame Street,” which long ago was (and in a sense still is) my favorite television show. For those not in the know, “Sesame Street” is a children’s show on public television that first appeared on the air in 1969. Founded in part by Jim Henson of “The Muppet Show,” “Sesame Street” is an imaginary street in New York populated by all sorts of eccentric Muppets (marionette/puppets) such as Oscar the Grouch (“I Love Trash”), Kermit the Frog (“Bein’ Green”), and a giant Big Bird, an uncharacterizable Snuffalupagus, as well as various humans of all ages and races, including Bob (“Who Are the People In Your Neighborhood”), Susan (“One Of These Things”) and a group of children (“Sing”). Far from just a show about ABC and 1-2-3, “Sesame Street” is a sophisticated show that operates on not just a children’s level, but an adult level, too, having appeal for both young and old. The songs I chose to use in the “Variations” are ones which have special meaning to me and, I believe, many others of my generation.

Unfortunately at this time “Sesame Street Variations” is unpublishable for copyright reasons. It is presently intended only for private, non-paying performance. Performance for a paying audience is a violation of copyright laws.
The songs used in the “Variations” are the following:

Sesame Street Theme – by Joe Raposo, Jon Stone, Bruce Hart;
Sesame Street, Inc. (ASCAP)

I Love Trash – byJeffrey Moss; Festival Attractions, Inc. (ASCAP)

One of These Things – by Joe Raposo and Jon Stone; Jonico Music, Inc. (BMI)

People In Your Neighborhood – by Jeffrey Moss;
Festival Attractions, Inc. (ASCAP)

Bein’ Green – by Joe Raposo; Jonico Music, Inc. (BMI)