composer & pianist


Safe, This Dangerous Night

Where do you feel safe? And what makes the night so dangerous? Here, perhaps, sleeping with a new lover for the first time, the safety, and the danger, are present, and real.

The first section, circular, almost hypnotic music, the lullaby, the physical sensation, the newness, the tenderness, the day running out, the sound of midnight.

The lover is asleep…

Now, alone and awake, a more neurotic, cerebral kind of music: too many thoughts. Think of the disasters…the disappointments! Lots of noise; lots of anxiety; fear; hyperbole. Where can all this thinking lead…? Nowhere much.

Again, the circular music. A little different this time: maybe more resigned, happily, to the moment. Just the joys, the wonder, of this brief instant, safe, this dangerous night.

© 2001 Gordon Beeferman. All rights reserved.